Monster and Monster
Based in Leamington Spa, UK

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July 31st 2014

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Deep Loot is an oceanic explore-’em up. There's loot, deadly sea creatures and secrets to be found. On-the-fly procedural content means you can explore the ocean in every direction without limits and without waiting.

There are hundreds of unique loot items to find as well as equipment and upgrades to spend your profits on. Soon you'll be zapping the denizens of the deep with white-hot plasma as you plunder ancient ruins for legendary treasures, well on your way to becoming the world's greatest Deep Looter!


Originally conceived as a game about digging up fossils, the design for Deep Loot quickly became more complex as we added Rogue-like elements and an emphasis on exploration.

We were hoping that we'd be done in 3 months which turned out to be pretty ambitious. After a year we felt pretty confident that we were nearly done and we were quite wrong again. In the end it took us 2 years – blimey!

The thing that kept us going was the support and positive feedback from fellow developers, journalists and all the gamers that played Deep Loot at expos and festivals over the years – so thanks, we couldn't have done it without you!


  • Endless exploration
  • 5 visually themed depths
  • Upgrades, costumes, ships
  • Hundreds of collectables
  • Lots of silly jokes and Easter eggs
  • Exclusive 8-part mini-story from web-comic artist Timothy Winchester
  • Original soundtrack by Gavin Harrison featuring the song “Dive! Dive! Dive!” by Joe Worrall


Launch Trailer YouTube

Sing-A-Long with Joe YouTube

Beta Montage YouTube

Awards & Recognition

    • "Best Adventure Game" 7th Annual Best App Ever Awards, 21 July, 2015

    Selected Articles

      • "Deep Loot looks like the sort of game that certain players will obsess over until they've found every secret item and treasure chest"
        - Mark Brown, Pocket Gamer

      About Monster and Monster

      Monster and Monster is a British independent game studio made up of David Fullick and Dan Griffiths. Creating games for your entertainment, edification and occasional education!

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      Deep Loot Credits

      David Fullick
      Artist / Monster and Monster

      Dan Griffiths
      Coder / Monster and Monster

      Gavin Harrison
      Music / Freelancer

      presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks